Top 5 RC Planes

Kids and adults alike are drawn to the hobby of flying remote controlled airplanes. Whether it’s the power felt by guiding a realistically scaled RC plane through the air, or showing off advanced maneuverability through flips and sharp turns in the air, there’s something fascinating about flying RC planes. At Park Flyers RC, we strive to stock the best beginner and advanced RC planes on the market, at the lowest prices possible. If you’re a seasoned flyer, or a beginner, check out our list of the top 5 RC planes on the market today – you might just stumble upon a model you need to try out.

  1. Cessna 182 Pro Series RTF RC Plane, $199.99
  2. The Cessna 182 RTF RC plane is our bestselling trainer plane – it has incredible maneuverability at both low and high speeds, which allows it to transition with new park flyer hobbyists as they advance. Additionally, the Cessna 182 RC plane reaches speeds up to 60 mph and has a range of 4000 feet; not to mention, all Cessna Pro Series planes have 4 channel control which promotes flight realism and aids in control.

    You won’t be disappointed with this model. Just follow the instructional video that’s included with the Cessna 182 - your assembly will be quick and easy, and you’ll be taking off in no time!

  3. Mustang P51D RTF RC Plane, $139.99
  4. The Mustang P51D is a 100% scaled, spot on realistic version of a classic WWII combat fighter, perfect for RC flying enthusiasts who appreciate the history behind this replica plane. The stars on the wings and body of the P51D RC plane mimic the insignia used to identify United States militia aircrafts from 1943 – 1947; prior to ’43, the insignia had the same white star without the blue banner on either side.

    Everything you need to fly is included in this trainer kit, and with our easy to follow video guide you can set this RTF plane quickly and effortlessly. This is the perfect RC airplane for a first time park flyer.

  5. Versa Hybrid Supercraft RC Airplane, $189.99
  6. This is one of the most creative and fun RC planes around, capable of taking off from land OR water. The Versa hybrid not only can land and take off from both ground and water, but it reaches speeds of 60 mph and can fly for 20 minutes, so the power is on par with other top electric RC models. Use the Versa Hybrid for novice flying and advanced flying performance alike, and show off your mechanics by impressive water landings.

  7. J3 Piper Cub Super Class RTF Plane, $199.99
  8. This RTF plane has an impressive wingspan of more than 40 inches, can fly at 60 mph or at a quarter-throttle, just 10 mph; the J3 Piper is the ideal RTF plane for a novice flyer who plans to grow and wants an airplane that will grow with them. This is another 100% scale realistic model that is made with strong EPP foam, giving more stability to the flight. The EPP foam makeup also provides for a more lifelike landing and takeoff.

  9. Wing Dragon III – RC Beginner Plane $159.99
  10. The Wing Dragon III is one of the most resilient beginner RC planes that ParkFlyers RC stocks. This RTF plane uses 3 channels for controlling, to help a beginner park flyer maneuver and fly with stability. The Wing Dragon comes ready to fly, with all parts pre-installed. If you’re new to RC flying, try out this ultra-durable trainer plane!

For these top 5 RC airplanes and more, we have a plethora of RC flying how-to videos so if you need more instruction or clarification for assemblage, check online for the answers! You can also browse around the rest of our site, where you’ll find remote control helicopters and more advanced and novice RC planes.



  2. My son has 5 foamies hanging in the garage 3 of them are non-operational because of the cheap quality parts that the planes are built with, he is an intermediate to expert flyer, waste of money.

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  4. My son has 5 foamies hanging in the garage 3 of them are non-operational because of the cheap quality parts that the planes are built with, he is an intermediate to expert flyer, waste of money.
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